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Anatomy of A Business Sale
By the numbers.
Recent building code changes.
The American Dream
So you want to buy a business.
Fools Rush In
A Lesson in tenant representation.
Selling A Business 101
The necessity of confidentiality.
Cash Flow
What is it, and how do I get some?
The High Cost of Skimming Location, Location, Location
Buying a Biz- For Sale By Owner Selling Commercial Real Estate
The match game.
Two Years Too Late Slow and Steady Wins the Race
Equity build up.
Selecting the Right Broker:
A Specialist
Cash Flow
The mother lode in RE investing.
Expansion Through Acquisition
The quickest way to market share.
Real Estate & Tax Considerations
Exit Strategy
When is the best time to sell?
What to Look For
Buying investment real estate.
Business Cycles
Where do I want to enter?
When is $12/SF less than $10/SF?
Financing Businesses Cost Segregation
Getting a larger up front tax deduction.
Goodwill vs. Blue Sky
Don't overpay for a business!
Real Estate
Looking for a good deal?
What is is, and how do you value it?
A Tax Haven for Real Estate Wealth
Doing it well is a neccessary evil!
Buy Low, Sell High
Sage advice, why do so few follow it?
Looking for a Job?
Buy One Instead!
Tomorrow’s Price Today
Realism in the Marketplace
Marketing a Business
You Have to Kiss a lot of Frogs
Leasing – Tenant Rep
That Makes Sense!
A Trade or a Business?
Exit planning can convert one to the other
Vacancy Rate vs. Absorption Rate
Why Do I Care?
Value of a Valuation
Not too high, not too low – just right!
Business Pricing Strategy
Pricing it “Just Right”
Do You Have a Sellable Business?
If not, it’s not too late
Buyer Beware vs. Buyer Representation
A better (alternative) approach
Building Equity
The hidden goals of the smart business owner
Real Estate
An investment vs. a business
Bank Financing
Getting a good loan package to the right Loan Officer can make all the difference
Real Estate
Ten advantages of exclusive tenant representation
Time Cures All - Not! Real Estate
What your leasing broker knows about landlords
Stay or go?
Stay and grow or sell and go
Real Estate
Evaluating your new space with the help of your leasing broker
Appraisals, Evaluations & Valuations
Yes, there is a difference
Real Estate
What Are You Paying For? How Landlords Measure Square Feet
Valuation Revisited
What are those multipliers again?
Getting Ready to Grow or Sell Your Business?
Are you wearing too many hats?
Understanding Real Estate Brokerage Relationships
Recasting the Books
What's really going on?
"I can always lower the price later, right?" wrong!

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Q: I’ve been advertising my business for sale and have obtained a few interested buyers, but they all lose interest when they ask for the tax returns- even after I tell them that I bring home an additional $500 a week in cash. How do I get around this?

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