Who We've Worked With

Below is a selection of our past and current clients:

Scott McCrum
Gerald Ducharme
Broom Service, Inc.
Ed Symbol
Gerald Sands
Rookies Restaurant & Pub
Hector Fuentes
Countryside Villa Retirement Home
Goudreau Enterprises
Eagle Landing Mgmt. Co.
Penobscot Nursing Home
ELR Care Maine, LLC
Wendell Dennison
The Children’s Express
Jack Rent
Michelle Frank
65 River Road, Chelsea
Wade Apgar
Robert Billings
140-144 Cumberland Ave., Portland
Dong Tran
Denise Yob
James M. Doherty
74 Water St., Augusta
Wilton Rd., Farmington
Judith Cosenza
Work First Inc.
204 U.S. Route 1, Freeport
David & Grace Robinson
Any & Allison MacDonald
Wallis Girls
Denise Novatny
Cooleens at Montsweag Farm
Paul & Elizabeth Coolen
Christopher & Jennifer Johnston
71 Federal St., Portland
Kucine Photography
Steven Sunneblink
Maine’s Pantry
111 Commercial St., Portland
Trafton Rd., Waterville,
503 Woodford St., Portland
Kevin Heffernan
Anita Fournier
Caitlin Morrisroe
980 Forest Ave., Portland
450 North Road, Standish
Annamarie Trusiani
Gloria & Alan Littlefield
796 Forest Ave., Portland
Jay French
Kristie Green
34 Vannnah Ave., Portland
Portland Spice Co.
Robert Geller
1125 Center St., Auburn
Richard Raubeson
Greater Sebago Services, Inc.
Che-Rae’s Formals & Bridal Shop
Cheryl Jackson
Rachel Levesque
William Bougie
18 Kimball St., Sanford
Next Generation
Brian Powell
Tracy McPhee
55 Spring St., Scarborough
U.S. Health
Major Mobility
3 Pope Rd., Windham
David & Teresa Russell
James Evers
31 Deering St., Portland
Thomas Cushman
Elizabeth McLellan
Ambrosia Salon & Day Spa
Nancy Flagg
Stacey Hanson

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Q: I’ve been advertising my business for sale and have obtained a few interested buyers, but they all lose interest when they ask for the tax returns- even after I tell them that I bring home an additional $500 a week in cash. How do I get around this?

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