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Raynor Large was raised in Maine, graduating from ELHS in Auburn, then from Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania. With a BA in Psychology and Spanish with a focus in Finance, he took a job in Philadelphia working with a small company and building skills in Human Resources, Design & Communications, Customer Service, and Finance.

This diverse experience played an important role in his next step, helping small and medium sized businesses as a Financial Analyst for a significant consulting firm in Maine. He has the unique opportunity to work with numerous companies in various stages of life - from explosive growth with new owners to difficult transitions with financial workouts, and everything in between. After working alongside Magnusson Balfour to assist an owner selling their business, he realized how much value is provided by business brokers.

Raynor is inspired by the spirit of entrepreneurism that is alive and well in Maine, and brings his strong financial background and intimate knowledge of business to bear when assisting in the early or late stages of business ownership.

Client testimonial:

"The circumstances surrounding why we were selling our property was a difficult and emotional situation for our family. When Raynor agreed to be our agent he took so much from our shoulders. Every step of the way when any problem arose Raynor would go above and beyond to solve it, or relieve us from the stressors. I cannot even begin to thank him enough for everything he has done for our family. We were not a high-profile client but he treated us and advocated for us as if we were paying him a million dollars. I don’t have enough words to say how amazing he was or thank him enough!" - N.R.

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“Magnusson Balfour is working hard for me. If you want results, this is the company to call.” —Name withheld for confidentiality

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