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Looking for Space to lease? Magnusson Balfour helps you make smart lease choices. When you're looking for commercial space, or considering exercising an option to renew a lease, give us a call. With our 50+ years of experience in commercial real estate, we have the expertise to assist you with determining the size and type of space you need, negotiating the terms of your lease, and completing the transaction. The "hit and miss" approach of the past is no longer best practice and can cause serious problems. Working with us means you can have someone that represents you and your interest. We will work with you to find the right space that fits your business objectives, your budget and your business image. The right space will work efficiently and economically for your company. Let us do the research to present you with options and guide you through the leasing process. Magnusson Balfour knows the market, and we want you to be successful in finding space that works for you. Our brokers are ready to answer your questions.

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Q: How come when I call a broker about a business I’ve seen listed on the internet, they give me the runaround instead of just sending me the information?

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Q: I’ve been advertising my business for sale and have obtained a few interested buyers, but they all lose interest when they ask for the tax returns- even after I tell them that I bring home an additional $500 a week in cash. How do I get around this?

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