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How should you choose your commercial real estate broker? We think the best result will come from choosing a broker with the right experience and the proper attitude. That includes more than just a great list of databases and contacts. An experienced broker has ears and eyes tuned to trends in the local business community. An experienced broker anticipates your needs and keeps an eye open for any issues that might arise including legal, financial, code enforcement, licensing, or marketing needs plus a variety of other important items. Your broker should be focused on your success. That's the dedicated service you'll receive from us.

Magnusson Balfour Commercial Brokers has a team of seasoned professionals providing years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the local commercial real estate market. We guide our clients through the process of listing and marketing their commercial properties. We utilize a variety of database resources, listing services, internet-based advertising and direct advertising to maximize the exposure of our listings. We know how to find the right kind of buyer for your property. Our work continues beyond marketing with a commitment to servicing your listing. We don't wait for prospects to seek out your listing. We generate activity to show the property, we evaluate the qualifications of prospects and negotiate acceptable terms for all parties. We stay right by your side through every step of the process through the final closing.


Leasing Successfully with Magnusson Balfour

Owning property and running a business generally requires dealing with tenants or landlords, and dealing with associated issues. Magnusson Balfour manages the leasing of space, and the dealing of issues, for many clients. Do you need help negotiating a lease for your commercial property? Are you searching for property to lease? We can help find you that perfect space. With over 50 years of experience helping landlords and businesses with leasing agreements, we can provide the leasing advice you need. To negotiate a successful lease, it's critical to understand the value of the space and comparable availability. We have the knowledge of the marketplace that is critical for this evaluation. We know the questions to ask a potential landlord or potential tenant. Don't go through the leasing process alone. Learn more about finding tenants for your commercial property or finding commercial property to lease. We can help you determine expenses, occupancy costs and other issues critical to your success. We are also ideally suited to guide you through successful lease negotiations, or lease renegotiations and renewals. Our professional brokers will work closely with you to keep the lines of communication open.


Guiding Business, Advising People, Moving Property

Selling and leasing commercial real estate is a serious endeavor. Call (207) 774-7715 to discuss your ideas and goals with one of our experienced commercial brokers or complete the information on our Contact form.

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"Thank you for all your help. Your professionalism is unmatched in my experience. I have been involved in residential and commercial transactions, none of which were handled like these properties. Your ability to move/think quickly and control the direction of the transaction is commendable. I appreciate your efforts to weed out sight seeing in the building. You acted in the best interest of the school without just compensation for the effort." —Name withheld for confidentiality

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Q: How come when I call a broker about a business I’ve seen listed on the internet, they give me the runaround instead of just sending me the information?

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Q: I’ve been advertising my business for sale and have obtained a few interested buyers, but they all lose interest when they ask for the tax returns- even after I tell them that I bring home an additional $500 a week in cash. How do I get around this?

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