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Sometimes it's not all about buying or selling a business. It's about just an aspect of it, or perhaps about the running of it. For example:

You're not ready to sell... but in the next two to five years you might be.  This is the time to develop an exit plan.  Then, when the time is right for you, your business will be ready, too. When your business needs capital... it takes time, effort, and expertise to prepare a loan financing package.  We frequently help clients prepare finance packages and can also guide you to the right financing resources. Your small business probably doesn't have a 'board of directors'...Magnusson Balfour is involved in a wide variety of businesses and their practices.  We can act as a third party sounding board and you can capitalize on our experience and expertise. You are running your business and although doing well, you just think there must be some better ways... let us compare you to some of the industry standards with ratio analysis and anomaly spotting. Employee buyouts.  Perhaps you still need a third party valuation or negotiator. Business valuation. You know the value of your investments, the value of your home, but do you know the value of one of your prime assets, you business?

These are just some samples to give you some ideas of the wide range of services provided.  If you need advice and assistance on a business matter, give us a call at (207)774-7715

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Q: How come when I call a broker about a business I’ve seen listed on the internet, they give me the runaround instead of just sending me the information?

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Q: I’ve been advertising my business for sale and have obtained a few interested buyers, but they all lose interest when they ask for the tax returns- even after I tell them that I bring home an additional $500 a week in cash. How do I get around this?

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