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Buyer looking for Mixed Use Property
AREA: Coastal Southern Maine COMMENTS:
TYPE: Mixed Use Property Looking for a mixed use property with breakeven income in coastal southern Maine, preferably the Bath area.  Buyer will need retail space within the building to house a wine cafe.
PRICE RANGE: $400,000
TIMING: November  2017
AGENT: Scott Balfour


Buyer Looking For Hi-Tech/IT or Light Manufacturing Business
AREA: Southern ME or NH seacoast COMMENTS:
TYPE: Hi-Tech/IT or Light Manufacturing Looking for a Hi-Tech/IT or Light Manufacturing business with recurring revenue. Buyer's skill sets include: strategic planning, sales & marketing, and an MBA in Business Management.
PRICE RANGE: $2-5 Million
TIMING: This year
AGENT: Craig Church


Tenant Looking For Auto Repair/Sales Shop to Lease
AREA: Greater Portland COMMENTS:
TYPE: Auto repair facility Looking for 2500-30000 SF of space in Greater Portland to house an auto repair shop including sales area.
PRICE RANGE: $1,500-$2,000/Mo
AGENT: Michael Atienza


Tenant Looking For Warehouse Space to Lease
TYPE: Warehouse Looking for 1,000-3,000 SF of space in Gardiner to house a woodworking shop.
PRICE RANGE: $200-$400/Mo
TIMING: 3-6 months
AGENT: Dennis Wheelock


Buyer Looking to Purchase a Multi-Family
AREA: Greater Portland COMMENTS:
TYPE: Multi-Family Looking for a multi-family in the near future in the Greater Portland area.
PRICE RANGE: $250,000-$1,000,000
AGENT: Craig Church


Tenant Looking For Large Industrial Space to Lease
AREA: Greater Portland COMMENTS:
TYPE: Retail Tenant looking for 500-1200 SF of retail space for medical marijuana. must be at least 1000 feet away from a school.
PRICE RANGE: $1,200/Mo
TIMING: Flexible
AGENT: Michael Atienza

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